10 Things to do Before Your Next Flight

As if flying wasn’t already tiresome, we always tend to pack one thing or the other. Spend too much time on security or can’t find the passport or ID. To avoid all that hassle, take a look at 10 things to do before your next flight.

#1. Seize up the toiletries

Seize up the toiletries

Don’t forget the essentials on every flight. Just some toothpaste, mouthwash, facial wipes and toothbrush can save the day when you are high up in the air and your sin feels pressured.

#2. Carry an empty water bottle

Airport security doesn’t allow you to carry liquids inside but that doesn’t mean you have to miss being hydrated. Carry and empty refillable water bottle inside and fill it at a water fountain. Easy way to stay hydrated and stay refreshed.

#3. Dress Well

Dress Well

Choose clothes based on your comfort and destination. Avoid excess jewelry, boots or hats as they may slow you down while passing through security. Also, airplane temperatures can be a bit chilly so carry a light sweater to layer up.

#4. Use the toilet before boarding

This reduces your chances of using the toilet on the flight as the airplane toilet is filled with germs and definitely not the most hygienic of places. Even if you are flushing, use a toilet paper to push it.

#5. Pack snacks

Irrespective of the duration of the flight it is always a good idea to pack plenty of snacks for your flight because hunger pangs come anytime especially when you see your neighbors eating. So pack some snacks such as chocolates, raisins or cookies. Avoid foods that carry a lot of smell as it may disturb your neighbors.

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