10 Things That Went Bad in 2016

From bombings to political debates to celebrity deaths, 2016 probably been the worst year ever. Looking at these events makes one wonder what’s wrong with world. Take a look at these 10 things that went bad in 2016.

#1. The U.S Presidential Election

The U.S Presidential Election

Image Source:flickr.com

The US went from being a democracy to a ‘Flawed Democracy’. From Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump and the unfortunate win of Donald Trump, the order of things seemed pretty much distorted in 2016.

#2. Death of Harambe

Remember when a boy fell in Harambe’s enclosure and as a result Harambe was killed. The worst part was that he was just checking on the boy and the accident wouldn’t have happened had the mother done a better job of taking care of her child.

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