10 Tips to Improve Your Running Speed

Planning to run a 10k or improve your time in the next run? Or simply looking to improve your running time? Even good runners hit a plateau! But try these 10 tips to improve your running time to beat your own record next time.

#1. Run at different paces

Run at different paces

People usually get comfortable with one pace and this is the reason they are not able to change their finish time. If you want to switch up things, include running at different paces. One good way is Fartlek training method where you alternate between fast and slow paces. This helps you know what it feels like to run fast. You can also include 20-30 seconds of strides in your workout.

#2. Change your breathing

Many people do not know how to breath while running. And a good breathing form takes practise. When you run, use both your nose and mouth for inhaling and exhaling to get a good amount of oxygen. Also breath from your stomach and not from chest to avoid shallow breathing.

#3. A good form

No matter what speed you run at, it’s not going to bring results if you don’t follow proper form. While running, make sure that your upper body is tall yet relaxed, strike the ground with forefoot for mid-foot and swing your arms back and forth.

#4. Don’t land on heels

Many people strike the ground with their heels first which is a barrier to running faster. If you want speed, you must make contact with ground with your forefoot first. This way, you spend less time in contact with the ground and can move quickly. If you are not used to it, try incorporating jump ropes to get used to using your forefoot first.

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