10 TV Series You Can Finish in a Week

#5. The Outs

The Outs

Image Source: spideoseries.files.wordpress.com

The short web series with just 7 episodes is based in Brooklyn and revolves around Mitchell (a lovable gay character) and his aspiring writer best friend Oona as well as Jack (Mitchell’s ex-boyfriend). The show starts six months post the breakup and how each one of them deal with the aftermath.

#6. A Young Doctor’s Notebook (2012-13)

With just 8 episodes, this series is based on the short story collection of the same name by Mikhail Bulgakov. It is the story of Vladimir Bomgard, a young doctor who comes to a small village to treat the locals during the Russian Revolution in 1917. What follows is a wave of difficult situations, hardships of his training as well as superstitious patients

#7. The returned (2012)

The returned (2012)

Image Source: proaudiotoys.com

This supernatural drama is set in a small mountain town of France.  One day, dead people reappear and they are quite alive and normal. They haven’t aged and aren’t aware of their fatality, they just want to reclaim their lives back. The show deals with the matter of undead in a completely different manner.

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