10 TV Series You Can Finish in a Week

#8. The Escape Artist (2013)

With 3 episodes full of drama and suspense at every turn, you wouldn’t be able to resist this show. A talented lawyer who has never lost a case suddenly drops the charges from a suspect of a horrendous crime. But can he face the consequences?

#9. 11.22.63 (2016)

With just 8 episodes, this series is full of drama and mystery with a touch of sci-fi. An English teacher travels back in time to prevent JFK’s assassination. However, the past is full of temptations and secrets. Can he ever get away?

#10. War & Peace (2016)

War & Peace (2016)

Image Source: bbci.co.uk

The mini- series is set around aristocratic families. As Russian conflict with Napoleon becomes more intense, the fate of these families might change forever. But how?

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