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10 universal daily things that were discovered by accident

Maximum inventions have been made by scientists and researchers who had some idea in their brains which cooked up to create some extraordinary inventions. Amazingly in many cases things were invented by accident and unbelievingly now we cannot even think our life without it. Everyone on this list may not be a scientist but they had enough luck to invent the product.

#1- Coca –Cola

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A pharmacist towards the end of the 19th century named John Pemberton invented a medicine with cocaine in it which healed your headache in no time. Even when the cocaine was removed from the list of ingredients the customers found it to be very delicious and therefore it was made available to the people in the form of a beverage what we know in short as Coke.

#2- Plastic

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Earlier shellac was used to shield any kind of materials. It is usually obtained from a female lac bug which lives in the forests of Thailand and India. Because of its place of living it became very expensive to export shellac. So a chemist named Leo Hendrik Baekeland grasped the opportunity to invent something cheap to be rich. After many trials he ended up producing plastic which won’t be hampered even if it is placed in high degrees of heat.

#3- Cornflakes

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The Kellogg brothers always wanted to invent some dietary food which would be healthy as well as enjoyed by their patients. Accidentally one night Will Kellogg left a boiled pot of corn to harden all through the night. Next morning when they woke up they found out their accidental invention of cornflakes.

#4- Potato chips

Potato chips
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A New York based restaurants chef was once working in his kitchen when a customer came over and complained that his French fries were very thick. Saratoga Spring specialized in French fries only. After receiving the complaint the chef George Crum made much thinner fries which still couldn’t satisfy the customer. Out of anger George cut up potatoes in paper thin slices and sent him which he liked.

#5-Play Doh

Play Doh
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Play-Doh was actually manufactured and sold as wallpaper cleansers. It was created Noah McVicker. But the product that he created only achieved partly success. But his sister-in-law thought that it would be a great play item for children and also that they would learn to be creative only when it was made free of detergents. As said the work was accomplished.


Popsicles (69 of 108)

Popsicles were actually created by Frank Epperson when he was an 11 year old. He decided to make his own version of the soda with powder and water. By mistake he kept his mixture in his balcony and when he woke up next day he found it to take the form of a Popsicle.

#7-Super glue

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Harry Coover jr. conducted a research on types of glues for producing clear plastic gun sights. Later on he noticed that the materials he was experimenting with had great adhesive quality thereby ending up in producing glue.

#8-Post-It notes

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A scientist named Silver spencer was trying to produce strong adhesive for the manufacture of planes. He ended up producing weak adhesive which was noticed by a chemical engineer named Arthur Fly and he made it work on his choir book so that the pages don’t fall.

#9- Tea bags

tea bags
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Thomas Sullivan an American tea entrepreneur once decided not to send his customers tea in a traditional way but instead packed in silk bags. Accidentally the clients assumed that they have to dip the bag to make tea thereby inventing tea bags.

# 10-Microwave oven

My microwave/toaster/oven
Percy Spencer when he was in navy he experimented with some microwave emitters. He realized soon that the chocolate in his pocket had started to melt thereby inventing ovens.

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