8 Ways to Attract Your Boyfriend

Relationships can be tricky and as time passes by, things just seem to fizzle out. Date nights become less frequent, he is often busy and doesn’t pay much attention to you. Well, here is something that may help you out. Here are 8 ways to attract your boyfriend and rekindle your romance.

#1. Look good for him

Look good for him

You don’t have to be a model and put lots of makeup to look great. But surprise him by putting on a really nice dress and making an effort to look good when going out with him. Remind him how sexy you can look if you want.

#2. Change something visible

After a while, he may start to just shrug things off and not pay attention to you as much as you want. You could grab his attention with a noticeable change like a new hairstyle or hair color. You could also go away from your usual wardrobe and go for a new sexier look.

#3. Ask him out

Ask him out

Sure he is your boyfriend but that doesn’t mean you can’t take him out once in a while. Men love it when women take the lead, so do it. Take him out for a movie, dinner or whatever it is he has been wanting to do for some time. Tell him how much you love him when you kiss him goodnight.

#4. Take interest in his interests

Take interest in his interests

Be it sports, bikes, cars, books or movies, he must be into something. Make an effort to be interested in what he likes. Watch a match together or maybe his favourite movie. Not only will he love you for it but you also get to learn something new.

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