10 Ways to Face Your Fear

Fear comes in many shapes and sizes, and it takes a bit of a nerve to control it. Some people are more fearful than others, being terrified by things that may seem nonsense to others. The point is that it is a mental state, which requires a strong self-control to keep it in normal boundaries. In severe cases, like phobias, it takes a lot of practice and guidance from a psychiatrist to get through the entire rehabilitation process. Still, for our daily fears, there are a few ways to keep them well managed. And to make them go away we first have to face our fears and escape from their imprisonment.

#1.       Create a list of your greatest fears


All right, maybe facing your fears right from the start is not the best option. But you must be aware of a fear if you wish to face it eventually. Thus, it may be very helpful to write down your biggest fears. Many times, just reading what are you scared of, can make you laugh, as it will appear a stupid thing. If not, at least by being aware of your fears, you will start making a plan to overcome them.

#2.       Physical relaxation can be learned through practice

You won’t be able to succeed on the first try, but with enough practice you will manage to trick your brain into feeling what you wish, not what it wants. Just like in the cases when breathing faster can create a feeling of panic and anxiety, doing the opposite thing can reinforce relaxation. Whenever you feel being caught by fear, start trying to calm your breath and your mind, and concentrate on a positive feeling to replace the negative one. Meditation can help you overcome these situations and improve your general state.

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