11 Things You Should Always Keep in Your Car

Road emergencies can happen to any of us and sometimes when you are stranded by the side of the road, you might not get help that easily. So its always better to keep your car equipped. Take a look at these 11 things you should always keep in your car.


#1. A New Gas Can

Always keep a new gas can in your car for times your gas tank is going to reach empty and you don’t see a gas station nearby. However, never keep it full as that increase chances of explosion. Also make sure that the can isn’t old or worn out.

#2. Water Bottles

water bottles

A bottle of water will not just save you from thirst in case of an emergency but can also act as a comfort during run-of-the-mill problems such as repairs or if you need to cool down the engine.

#3. Traction mat

Traction mats made of lightweight steel or plastic can help you get your car out of mud, snow or ice. Place them under the tires so that they have something to create a grip on and come out of that sticky situation.

#4. Spare tire and tire jack

Spare tire and tire jack

For the times when you car breakdown in the middle of the road, you need a spare tire in good condition. Always keep a spare tire along with a tire jack and tire iron because without them the spare time would be useless. You can also keep a sealer handy to fix a leak and manage to reach an auto shop.

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