12 absolutely incredible things you never know about Marilyn Monroe

#5.       She wasn’t a clean person either

You would expect a diva like her to take regularly care of her, in the meaning of bathing all the time, using body lotions, creams and whatever it takes to be a real lady. But instead, Marilyn Monroe was not a fan of bathing, doing this relatively rarely. Also, she had the bad habit of serving her meals in bed. Nothing strange so far, but wait until you find out that she used to tuck her left-overs under the bed sheets. Not to mention that flatulence was another issue she had.

#6.       Her image was highly advertised

Marilyn Monroe

Image Source: flickr

She appeared in so many commercials and product advertisers, that she even got the title of the “Most advertised girl in the world”. During her supremacy, in 1953, her face was highly sought after.

#7.       Marilyn appreciated nudity a lot

Marilyn Monroe

Image Source: flickr

Although it was every man’s dream to see Marilyn naked, she enjoyed it being like this as much as possible. Her female employees would often see her walking around nude. Also, she loved so much the mink coat Joe DiMaggio, her second husband, gave her, that she would often wear nothing but that when going out.

#8.       The sexy icon had a battering problem

We already know she had a hard time remembering lines, but now battering? It is totally right, as the star stated herself. Battering gave her quite some issues during her career, even hiring a trainer to get her to speak right.

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