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15 Sure Fire Ways To Kick Life Up A Notch and Relieve Stress

Everyone has to deal with stress from time to time, but there are ways that you can help fight back. If you want to relieve stress, then you will find the following 15 sure fire ways to kick life up a notch to be right up your alley. They are going to bring in a little bit of excitement and give you the push you need to feel confident and take on the world, or at least get through your day without a break down. Of course, you’ll still need to push yourself, because these are useless without your involvement, so take note, you are your best secret weapon.

#1 Vent Out Loud


You have problems, and you need an open ear. There is no other greater, open ear than the sky. Yell it out, and just keep yelling until you feel better. This may sound weird, it may sound problematic, but there is something comforting about yelling, especially when you’re in the middle of a high stress situation. Find a place that you can do this, and you’ll be astonished at what a relief it could truly be.

#2 See Your City

Everyone that moves to a city, or leaves their parent’s home will eventually find themselves in a daily grind of stress. One way to reduce that is to just go and explore the city that you live in. You will be surprised by all the hidden gems, coffee shops, parks, theaters, and so much more that abounds in most metropolitan cities. You just have to find time to explore and that will allow you to enjoy greatness. Your stress will vanish when you find a dive or a greasy spoon that has the “best” of what your city has to offer.

#3 Go On A Road Trip

road trip
Stressed at work? Stressed at home? Stressed during most of your life? It’s time to hit the open road and just go anywhere. Go find a new locale, drive and don’t have a plan. You’ll find that there’s something liberating and iconic about a road trip. Whether you go alone or with friends, find a way to get away from the stresses of life.

#4 Learn How To Play A Musical Instrument

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Musical Instrument
No matter how old you are, no matter how much difficulty you think is in learning music, you can find yourself engaging in something incredible if you pick up a new instrument and learn to play it. It’s not expensive, and with the rise of the internet, you can find yourself taking virtual lessons, and learning at your own pace. You will gain huge jumps, guaranteed.

#5 Go Speed Dating

For those that are single, here is a shot in the arm that will have amazing results. Go speed dating, and don’t just clam up, talk to people. Just talk whatever you want, nonsense if you prefer, just make sure that you go for it. You have nothing to lose here and everything to gain, give your stress levels a huge drop. You never know, you may find your wife or husband this way, or it could lead to other stress reliving activities.

#6 Sing Along To The Radio

Turn up the radio, your favorite station, and when your song hits, go to town. Play air drums, belt it out, and just give it your best. You will find that you are not alone in doing this, and the car next to you just may rock out with you. This is a stress relieving, fun way to champion stress and take on the world with a little bit of a musical touch. Too embarrassed? You can always do it in your home.

#7 Stand In The Superman Pose

Take your fists and place them at your waist, stand tall and just do that for 5 to 10 minutes. Just stand still, breathe, and assume the super hero pose. You will find yourself not only feeling better, but your confidence will rise systematically. This may not sound like something that may help, but there’s something that happens when you give yourself a little time, and you stand tall in your own shoes.

#8 Karaoke

Do you really want to jump start your life? Reducing stress can be as easy as firing up a karaoke machine or program at home. Or you could always get some friends and go out on the town to do this. Sing your heart out and your stress levels will drop to all new lows. You’ll find that this is a substantial solution worth chasing, even if you may think you have a bit of shyness. It will all melt away when you hit your favorite song and just give it your all.

#9 Breathe Deeper

Meditate Tapasya Dhyana
Take 5 minutes of your day to breathe deeply. Find a place where you can be alone, even if it is in your car, and breathe slowly and deeply. Take this seriously, and let your mind get clear. This will kick start your morning, night, or afternoon in the same manner that exercise may help. It will lift your spirit and could even be a good time to meditate. Breathing exercises will also let you control your emotional connections at work so that you are getting more done.

#10 Sleep

Sometimes stress is just hard to deal with, and the best thing for it? Sleep. Sleep has been proven time and time again to be a way to make sure that you are able to get refreshed. A nap can help, and has been a bit of advice that has spawned “nap” rooms in New York City, and Chicago. Busy executives pay to sleep in solitude, which is definitely something worth noting.

#11 Walk a Dog

dog walking
Don’t have a dog? Then walk other people’s dogs. Walking dogs can relieve stress, and give you some time to breathe in the air, enjoy the outdoors, and get focused on something other than your situation. You will find that this is a wonderful opportunity, and it could be an addicting option.

#12 Find a Rowing Machine

Concept2 Indoor Rowers
Right in line with swimming, this exercise option is going to give you the boost that you need and kick start your confidence yet again. Rowing is an action sport that requires your entire body, but because it’s a proactive option, you will be doing more than just jogging on a treadmill. Exercise is always a good thing, but there’s something spectacular to rowing. If you can’t get a kayak out on a lake or river, then get a rowing machine.

#13 Go Swimming

Exercise is always a good way to relieve stress, but if you want to take on a serious load off, swim. Find a local pool, join a gym, or anything that will help you get into the water and do laps. Within the span of 1 Olympic sized lap, you will find that your day’s worries will drop faster than ever.

#14 Run In Place

Here’s a quick tip to get the blood pumping and the adrenaline flowing. Find a place where you can be alone and then run in place as hard as you can. Give yourself 10 to 30 seconds of intense movement before you slow down. You’ll find that serotonin levels, and adrenaline will hit your body in the right areas giving you a push forward. Stand tall, adjust your tie and take on the world.

#15 Put On Some Exciting Tunes

“The Eye of The Tiger” seems to work every single time, but perhaps you have your own musical highlight reel. Set up a playlist that has songs that inspire, push, and give you that sense of being a champion. Give yourself a few lyrical cues if you’re not able to get away to hear the song, and read some lyrics. You’ll find that just a simple tune could give you a bit of a push.

Of course, everyone deals with stress differently. The above options are just 15 sure fire ways that you can kick life up a notion and enjoy life a little. Whatever works for you may not be listed, but then again, maybe you should try something new, it may very well change your life for the better.


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