15 Words and Their Unexpected Origins

The English language has often borrowed words from other languages and many times, their origins can be rather surprising. There are some words with rather interesting beginnings. Check out these 15 words and their unexpected origins.

#1. Avocado

The smooth fruit isn’t called an aphrodisiac for nothing. The fruit drives its name from the Aztec word “ahuacatl” which means testicle. Not only the fruit stimulates sex drive, it also has a slight resemblance to its origin word.

#2. Jumbo

In English language, Jumbo means very large and it derives its name from a similar animal. An elephant named “Jumbo” was brought to the Royal Zoological Society in London in 1860. At its full size it was 11 and a half feet tall and weighed six and a half tons.

#3. Clue

Until mid 1500s the word clue didn’t exist as it is. It is a modified version of “clew” which comes from a Greek mythology. According to it, Theseus left a “clew”, a ball of string behind him when he entered the Labyrinth to kill the Minotaur.

#4. Jeans

Jeans was named after its place of origin which was Genoa, Italy.

#5. Lunatic

The word was derived from the Latin word “Luna” meaning “moon”. it was believed that insanity was caused due to changing phases of the moon.

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