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20 Ways to Beat Insomnia

Sleep is the most important activity for human body to function at its best. An eight hour sleep is must for everybody. However, anxiety, excitement and some bad habits make sleeping a difficult task for some people. Insomnia can increase the chances of heart attack and stroke. It reduces your life span and may also increase the chances of cancer. If you suffer from insomnia, it’s time to that you do something about it. Here are some tips to help you beat insomnia:

  1. Fix your sleeping routine: You should go to bed at about the same time and every day and try to wake up at same time every day including weekends. If you sleep at irregular hours, then you might face troubles falling to sleep.
  2. Sleeping hours should be continuous: A continuous six hour sleep is better than a disrupted eight hour sleep. Take very small nap, if at all, during the day. This is because sleeping for long during the day will not let you fall to sleep at night.
  3. Exercise regularly: Moderate amount of physical activity helps to sleep sound in the night. However, exercise should not be very close to sleeping time as it may also keep you awake.
  4. Lower alcohol consumption: Alcohol may cause you to feel drowsy but it will wake you up several times during the night.
  5. Reduce smoking: Smokers find it very difficult to sleep. If you are an insomniac, you must quit smoking because smoking will disrupt your sleep surely.
  6. Curb caffeine: Caffeine tends to stay in your system for long and tends to keep you awake. You should not have caffeine products after 2 p.m.
  7. Keep the lights dim:  If you find trouble in sleeping try to make an environment that does not disturb your sleep. Keeping the lights dim is known to induce sleep.
  8. Get rid of electronic gadgets: Do not keep your laptop, phones or iPads around you while you sleep. They bring the stress of your life with every beep and disrupt your sleep.
  9. Take a bed time snack: Hunger always works against sleep. It is advisable to take an apple or a light snack before going to bed. However, please take a note of the fact that taking a heavy meal just before sleeping may also keep you awake.
  10. Avoid stress: Stress is one of the main reasons why people can’t sleep. Try to put your worries aside when you go to bed. One method to do it may be going through old family photographs.
  11. Make a task list for tomorrow: If you intend to keep thinking about all the works that need to be done on the next day then it is better that you take out time before going to bed to note all these tasks in list.
  12. Relax before sleeping: Try to relax your body before sleeping. A warm water bath, light yoga, etc. can relieve stress from your body and give you a good sleep.
  13. Listen to light music: Set an auto timer on your music system and listen to light music when you are in bed. It is how small babies are put to sleep (with their moms singing a lullaby) and is known to work for sure even for adults.
  14. Use appropriate mosquito/bugs protection: If you fall to sleep with great difficulty, make sure that your sleep does not get disrupted by mosquitoes or bugs.
  15. Sleep in the correct temperature: A cool environment is usually preferred for sleeping but during winter you must keep your body warm while sleeping.
  16. Pleasant reading: Reading for fifteen to twenty minutes can also help you to sleep and that too with good thoughts in mind.
  17. Do not get addicted to medicines: There are many medicines that cause drowsiness but one should not get addicted to them. Once you get addicted you won’t be able to sleep without them.
  18. Have dinner on time: Your food habits greatly affect your sleep. The ideal time to have dinner is at least three hours before going to bed.
  19. Don’t think about your worries in bed: If you cannot fall off to sleep for some time then it is advisable to get out of bed and engage in some light and boring activity to fall. You will again feel sleepy after some and time and return to bed.
  20. Do not sleep in front of television: Television disrupts your sleep in the middle of the night and may cause pain in your eyes.
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