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5 Alarming Facts About Abraham Lincoln

Ask anyone about the 16th president of the United States and you will most likely get the same canned response, he freed the slaves. Or he had a cool hat and beard, or the classic, he was assassinated. Lincoln is one of the polarizing figures of American history, and there are far more alarming facts about him and his life than you may think. In fact, some facts will completely shock you, for instance, did you know he loved professional wrestling? Well, that’s at least according to the soda commercial that parodied a debate of his. In all seriousness, the following 5 facts about Lincoln are definitely not common knowledge and will have you completely stunned.

Here are 5 alarming facts about Lincoln you will want to share with others right away.

#1 The Man Loved To Talk Trash Against Opponents

Abraham Lincoln

One bit of truth that comes directly from a biography of the famed president, is that he loved to talk trash. Right out of professional wrestling lore, Abe loved to point fingers, distract opponents, and even do the classic Hulk Hogan finger point. Whatever got him an edge, he would do, and it sure did work. Noted for winning nearly every wrestling match he ever engaged in, his solid frame, long arms and discipline allowed him to one up many a wrestler in his younger days. He’s even featured in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

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