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5 Books for Inquisitive Minds

What does an inquisitive mind need?

The answers to everything and more questions that make it look for more answers. Needless to say, such minds love books on almost everything as long as they satiate their desire to learn. So here are 5 books for the inquisitive minds that have been picked from different genres. Have fun reading!

#1. The Roving Mind: Isaac Asimov

The Roving Mind


This book captures Asimov’s insights on creativity and education in the form of 62 essays that can satiate an inquisitive mind. The essays feature everything that has been happening in the current educational scenario. From censorship to creativity, he predicts a possible feature due to the recent technological developments. At the same time, he has also talked about the controversies related to stem cell research and cloning.

#2. Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits: Debbie Millman

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As the name suggests, this book is about deep- thinking and branding as well as business strategies. This is a must read book for every graphic designer. But even if you are slightly inclined towards marketing, advertising or how branding effects our everyday lives. But don’t worry, it doesn’t sound like a boring lecture on branding, it is actually quite entertaining, funny and an eye-opener.

#3. Pygmalion: George Bernard Shaw


If you are a book person, you must have read the play and if not- here’s a hint: remember ‘My Fair Lady’ where a classy guy makes a bet with his friend and turns an un-classy girl into a classy lady. This is quite similar to the movie. Prof. Higgins is a linguist specialist and a snarky jerk. He makes a bet with his colleague that he can pass this common girl as a Duchess in no time. It is a quick read and you will love the way it has been written!

#4. An Incomplete Education: William Wilson

An Incomplete Education

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When it was first released in 1984, it became an all-purpose reference book as well as an instant classic. The book has everything you studied in school to what you didn’t. From philosophy to literature and economics, the book covers 10,000 years of human knowledge and world history. The book is very popular even today! So go back to school days and relearn everything or just learn things you should have or forgot along the way.

#5. 5 Minds for the Future: Howard Gardner

5 Minds for the Future

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This is a masterpiece from Howard Gardener- a sociologist as well as the father of theory of ‘multiple intelligences’- a theory that emphasizes on human intellect and creativity and how it cannot be measured via traditional psychometric tests. In his masterpiece, he talks about mental abilities that will be most critical in the 21st century. In the book he has identified five minds- synthesizing, disciplined, creative, respecting and ethical aren’t something that are based on genetic structure but are rather developed and nurtured with thought and effort.

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