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5 health foods to avoid

We have all given in to the health food fad at least once in our lives. For instance, replacing sugar for sugar-free supplements, biting into a calorie bar after a heavy-duty workout session or replacing breakfast with a glass of canned ‘fruit’ juice. Unknowingly, these tend to do us more harm than good. Let’s check out some so-called health foods which should ideally never cross your lips!

#1.  Canned juices:


Eating a whole fruit is way better than consuming canned juices by the gallon. These juices make your sugar levels surge unexpectedly. You will feel energetic immediately relishing the wonderful effects of fresh fruit juice but in a while, the sugar levels will come crashing down leaving you depleted of energy and full of fatigue. You end up suffering from hypoglycaemia.

#2.  Artificial sweeteners:

Artificial sweeteners
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It’s fashionable to add these faux sugar pills to your beverages. However, it pays to be apprised of their harmful effects. Many doctors recommend that diabetics should replace sugar with artificial sweeteners because of their low glycaemic index. But new research has shown that artificial sweeteners cause intestinal disturbance. Diseases like bladder cancer, breast cancer, seizures and obesity are linked to artificial sweeteners.

#3  Microwave popcorn:

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pop corn
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A pack of popcorns quickly made into a bowlful to accompany your movie sessions may sound harmless. Remember that the bags they are available in are coated in perfluoroctanoic acid which release toxins when heated. Moreover, the popcorns themselves are coated in a kind of a fake butter which may cause lung cancer when inhaled. Also, popcorn has very low nutritional value.

#4  Gluten-free food:

gluten free
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A kind of a protein found in grains like rye, barley and wheat may cause what’s known as celiac disease in some people. Actually, glutenous substances can make your intestines more permeable which in turn allow certain nutrients to penetrate the walls and mix with the bloodstream. Research has found that some foods that are marked gluten-free actually contain gluten.

#5  Energy bars:

energy bar
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In this grab-and-go times, we often have the tendency to supplement a meal with a couple of energy bars. It may be convenient but essentially, energy bars are entirely lacking in any nutrients. Too much of energy bars can actually cause obesity and gut problems. Also, before grabbing one, make sure you read the nutritional composition of the bar. It’s better to have a banana than reach out for that energy bar.

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