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5 Personality Traits That Can Ruin Your Life

We like to think we are happy and healthy-minded people who occasionally have blue days. But do such days happen very often? Are they because of certain people in your life or are caused by something within you? To help you get a better idea, we have complied a list of certain personality traits that can prove to be toxic.

So here are 5 personality traits that can ruin your life if left unchecked. Take a look and see if some of them resonate with you.

#1  Guilt Trips

Oh, how everyone loves to hate these people. These are the kind that will take you on long guilt trips and make you feel crappy for leaving them out of the vacation you went on two years ago! You went shopping without them? Brace yourself for another guilt trip. These people are pros at making people feel bad about their words, actions and choices. Apparently, “let it go” isn’t a thing with them. Make sure you don’t let them take you on such trips and if you are one of them, maybe sometimes you should just let it go and learn to express.

#2  Temper tantrums

Temper tantrums
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Remember how you used to throw tempers as a kid and got your own way with parents? Well, some people never seem to get out of their childhood. They wouldn’t lie on the floor but you will often see them pouting, withdrawing and being passive aggressive. This childish behaviour can turn you into a toxic person and pretty soon everyone will be calling you an ‘adult baby’. If you are angry or disappointed, use healthy ways for expression instead of sulking and pouting.

#3  Manipulation

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Sometimes people don’t realize when they are being manipulated. That’s the power of manipulation pros! Intelligence, charm, persuasion, they will use whatever means necessary to get their way. And this is why they are disliked so much.  Once someone realizes you manipulated them into doing something, they wouldn’t keep you in high regards. Will they?

#4  Envy

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Jealousy or envy is normal human nature but feeling a little too much jealous can turn you into a toxic person. This personality trait can manifest itself in various forms such as being manipulative, insincere, insecure or guilt trips. It usually arises when one feels inferior insecure or getting less than what one deserved.

Feeling envious of someone better than you is normal, but taking action based on that feeling can prove toxic. Take action to improve your conditions rather than feeding envy.

#5  Narcissism

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This is the feeling of being privileged without doing any hard work. Narcissists have an extreme sense of self-importance and believe that the world revolves round them. They aren’t very sly but are very focussed on their needs which doesn’t sound that bad. However, their overwhelming desire to put themselves first and leaving others’ needs in the dust can prove a toxic personality trait. If you hear people telling you “it’s not about you all the time” very often, take that as a warning.

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