5 Personality Traits That Can Ruin Your Life

#3  Manipulation

Sometimes people don’t realize when they are being manipulated. That’s the power of manipulation pros! Intelligence, charm, persuasion, they will use whatever means necessary to get their way. And this is why they are disliked so much.  Once someone realizes you manipulated them into doing something, they wouldn’t keep you in high regards. Will they?

#4  Envy

Jealousy or envy is normal human nature but feeling a little too much jealous can turn you into a toxic person. This personality trait can manifest itself in various forms such as being manipulative, insincere, insecure or guilt trips. It usually arises when one feels inferior insecure or getting less than what one deserved.

Feeling envious of someone better than you is normal, but taking action based on that feeling can prove toxic. Take action to improve your conditions rather than feeding envy.

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