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5 reasons most diets fail within 7 days

In today’s society where everyone is racing to achieve an appropriate shape, maintaining a perfect diet plan has become mandatory. Depending upon the goal or objective, a person may follow a diet plan (especially in case of losing weight). People have gone to the extent to pay qualified dieticians who may customise an adequate diet chat to achieve the motto in no time. Often it is a disaster than a harmony due to premature failure of the plan. Doctors, dieticians and eminent experts have given their valuable views in this regards. The 5 most vital reason as to why most diet fail nowadays are as follows:

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  • Following a highly restricted diet:

One of the most vital reasons for the failure of the diet is the inappropriateness. Sometimes one may go for such a strict diet that forbids everything which one like to have. This in due course of time causes headache, disgust and frustration. A purpose of diet is to perfect allocation of calories and not depriving one from the favourite food. However, absolute elimination of calories of giving a highly strict diet may give opposite recoil to health and well-being of the subject. Hence it is advised to sit with the dietician to plan the appropriate chart.

  • Impatient for Result:

Most people take it as a magic within no time to get into desired shape or lose weight. Most people who start the diet fail to observe it for being impatient. Frequently, people loose heart over some day’s trial and return back to their old food habit. This in turn defeats the entire purpose of the programme. It is important to understand that it takes time to gain as well or lose weight. There is no magic formula for it but patience and commitment is the key for success.

  • Irresistible Carving:

While on a diet, it is possible that one may be deprived of his favourite food. The more the deprivation, more is the carving. This irresistible carving for more provokes to eat sufficient amount thinking that “only for this time”. This practically never happens and ultimately the diet fails in a week. It is important to raise a chart consisting of favourite items which may be consumed distributed for a period. Hence whenever one carves the thought of having it at the next interval may subjugate the carving and enhance the resistance.

  • Peer Pressure
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This is another external factor which causes failure of the programme. When on a party or a get together, it is because of the social pressure, one might have to break the routine to put up to the situation. This situation may be avoided by undertaking extra exercise sessions and engaging in effective sports like cycling. This is important to burn those extra calories which might refrain one from reaching the goal.

  • Food with Emotions:

It is commonly observed that certain categories of food, which have high fat contain have emotional attachment with individual. Especially in a country like India, food ingredients like, ghee, butter etc having high amount of fats have emotions attachments with individuals. They may represent family, home or may be motherly affection. Being emotional may damage the entire diet plan and hence the objective would never be met.

The reasons above are some of the key reason as to why most diets fail to reach the set goal and that too within a week. Although there are external as well as internal factors which works for failure of diet programme, but it is up to the subject who needs to prioritise.

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