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5 Reasons why you should not skip breakfast

Breakfast, being the first meal of the day, is as important as water to your body. Break-fast- the term itself denoted the meal which is taken to break a long gap. It is recommended by doctors that you should take a healthy bowl of breakfast within two hours of waking up. Here are 5 interesting reasons why you should not skip breakfast

# 1. Cuts down calories:

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Breakfast is the first meal of the day. Breakfast helps to cut down your calorie. How? After a long night sleep when you wake up fresh in the morning your body demands some energy. Breakfast serves as an energy booster to your body. The calorie that you get from breakfast is stored in your body for future use throughout the day. If you skip breakfast and make other meals your body’s curbing for energy gets satiated from those meals but your body tends to absorb more fat causing weight gain in your body.

# 2. Serves as a fuel:

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Breakfast serves as a fuel to your body. The calorie you get from breakfast helps your brain to function. Remember those bad headaches you experienced the day you skipped your first meal? It is due to this reason. Understand what you body wants. Health is your first priority!

# 3. Sharpens your brain:

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Children who eat healthy breakfast everyday are sharper than children who don’t. This proves that breakfast keeps your brain functioning and makes you stronger and sharper.

# 4. Glows your skin:

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Do you want a healthy, fair and glowing skin? Then definitely never skip your breakfast. You skin remains dull when you wake up every morning. That is the time your skin needs some energy to freshen up and glow. Breakfast supply necessary nutrients to your skin hence help it to glow inside out.

# 5. Balances metabolism rate:


Metabolism is an important function of your body which keeps you healthy. Breakfast helps to balance metabolism rate in your body.

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