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5 Secrets to Learn Anything Faster

Want to pick up a new skill? No matter what you plan to learn be it swimming, tennis or coding, you can hack your brain into learning anything new by certain methods without losing the initial enthusiasm. Here are 5 secrets to learn anything faster.

#1. Take assistance

Take assistance

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We have a common tendency to master anything on our won. Besides who need help anyway? But in the process, we forget that an enormous amount of time and effort can be saved if we take assistance from someone who has already mastered the art. The fastest way to achieve a goal or master nay new skill is to model those who have already done it. They have already created the path, made mistakes and learnt along the way. Why repeat the entire process when you can learn from their mistakes and use their shortcuts?

#2. Deconstruct the skill

Your next step should be to deconstruct the skill by breaking it down into its most fundamental forms. Once you know the constituents of the skill, it becomes easier to prioritize what to practise first. In fact, various studies in the areas of motor and cognitive skill acquisition have proved that the initial few hours you spend in acquiring a new skill actually bring about the maximum results. So, don’t give up in the beginning itself, this is where you form the base.

#3. Avoid multitasking

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Avoid multitasking

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Believe it or not, multitasking is the biggest hurdle on the path to learn anything new. And this is something we have all been doing all our lives. Studies have shown that when you get distracted, it takes you about 25 minutes on an average to return to that task properly. So, losing your long-term focus doesn’t sound like a good idea. We are constantly distracted by friends, co-workers, new projects or new hobbies and that doesn’t leave much time to focus on the current skill you picked up. So, over time you end up losing the focus and passion for the new skill which can act as a hindrance to the way of mastering that skill.

#4. Repeat on loop

Remember the time you were learning to drive and all your focus on the shifting the gears or when to accelerate or put breaks. Until one day, you could drive subconsciously without having to think. How did you reach that level? Practise! Persistence is the key to learn any skill and mastering it will require to keep practising it until you can do it without having to think about it. So, keep practising if you want to learn.

#5. Seek feedback

How do you measure your own performance? How will you know how far you have come or if you are the right pace? Feedback is your answer. Always ask for feedback if you want to keep performing better or are serious about learning anything. Valid feedback will help you determine your weak areas and your strong suits. You will know where to work hard or if there is a better way to do the same. Don’t shy away from taking feedback.

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