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5 Signs it’s Time to Lose Weight

Obesity is a serious health issue, but you can’t just look straight to your BMI to tell you whether or not you’re overweight; that little index number doesn’t take into consideration things like your build, your metabolism, your lifestyle, and all sorts of other things. But there are some hard and fast signals from your body that it might just be time to look into losing a couple of pounds (and most of them are health issues, so you may want to have that checked out), and here they are.

#1.      You snore like a demon (and it even wakes you up)

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Sleep apnea is a condition in which your breathing interrupts your sleep, resulting in you waking up groggy all the time. It can be caused by you putting on excess weight, and your body storing that weight in the form of fat around the neck. This narrows your breathing passages, causing your breathing to become shallow or stop momentarily; this makes you snore (loud enough to wake the dead) and sometimes even stop breathing for a moment. All of this makes you feel tired when you wake up – you literally snored loud enough to wake yourself.

#2.      You’re experiencing heart palpitations

heart palpitations
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Our hearts are there for us through thick and thin, from the day we’re born to the day we die, pumping blood around to body to make sure we get that vital oxygen, and they never stop. But sometimes that regular beating goes off a little, fast then slow then fast again. This is called a palpitation, and it could be a sign that you are overweight. Of course, heart palpitations are also caused by stress or poor diet, but when something’s messing with your heart you don’t really want to ignore it.

#3.      You’re so hungry, your own arm is starting to look appetising

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Always being hungry could be a sign of you just eating the wrong foods – foods like sweets, which lack vital fibres, proteins and fats that keep you feeling full. But it could also be a sign of something far less innocuous, like insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes, both of which can be caused by, you guessed it, excess weight.

Get a doctor to look at you if your hunger is combined with extreme thirst, blurry vision, or numbness or tingling in the hands and feet; if it’s caused by weight gain, weight loss could reverse it.

#4.      Your blood pressure is way high

Your blood pressure is way high
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If your blood pressure is up, it’s very likely a sign of you carrying about a little bit extra than you should be. But worry not! Some doctors have noted that if you lose a bit of weight, those blood pressure numbers should correct themselves without you having to worry about medication.

#5.      You’ve noticed pain in your knees, back and hips

You’ve noticed pain in your knees, back and hips
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When they say you’re “carrying” some extra weight, they aren’t kidding. Pain in the joints can literally be caused by them struggling to carry all the weight you’re putting on them. That extra pressure causes the tissue around them to wear away, causing that nasty pain and making movement uncomfortable.

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