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5 Simple Ways for Getting Flat Stomach

Everyone dreams of having a flat belly to avoid physical inferiority complex. Some of the  5 simple ways for getting flat stomach are discussed below.

#1 Lowering the stress levels


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There is a little bit of stress in everyone’s life that also leads to harmful effect on the health of a person. When a person gets too much stressed a hormone cortisol generates in the body that increases the level of unused fat which results to an excess fat in the belly.

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#2   Eat slowly to avoid bloating

eating slowling

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One should change the habit of eating food too quickly to avoid swallowing of air that leads to bloating. The act of having meal too fast can lead to pain in the abdomen. The food should be chewed slowly in order to produce excess gastric juices the helps in the process of proper digestion.

#3 Avoid constipation

One should have food that contains high fiber levels such as wheat, rice, seeds, fruits and vegetables to avoid constipation. A person must aim to have 7-8 of glasses of fluid a day and does exercise for minimum of 45 minutes in a day to avoid accumulation of fat in the stomach.

#4  Sufficient sleep

Sufficient sleep

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The habit of insufficient sleep can increase the level of stress that results in fat accumulation. This can also lead to the decrease level of the hormone leptin that helps in process of metabolism in the body. One should have a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep at night.

#5 Consume less salt

Consume less salt


One should have maximum of 6 gram of salt a day to avoid the increase of water weight in the body. The increase in water weight leads to swelling of stomach and thus results to bloating of belly. The intake of fresh food should be increased rather than having salty processed food.

One should have food with low calories and do some exercises to have a proper shape of the body.

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