5 Things to do in your 20s to be Financially Secure by 30s

#4. Gain Financial Literacy

Gain Financial Literacy

Image Source: wikimedia.org

You job may give you a decent package or it may not. But growing your financial wealth is a whole different game. Saving isn’t the only way to grow your wealth. You can also invest to make better financial decisions. But sound investment doesn’t come by chance. You need to gain some financial literacy before you start investing your money. Get acquainted with the concept of personal finance to make the best of your income.

#5. Borrow money only to invest

Borrow money only to invest

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A golden rule of thumb is to never borrow to finance your lifestyle. That fancy car can wait! Don’t live your life just paying credit card bills. If you must borrow, make sure it is only for investment purpose. This may include investing in assets such as bonds/stocks or investing in yourself for education, any skill or to start a business.


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