5 Things people say that you shouldn’t believe

You can get free advice from every corner- your friends, relatives etc. But it is up to you to filter out good advice from bad and people who encourage you from naysayers. That’s how you will succeed. Here are 5 things people say that you shouldn’t believe so that you can believe in yourself.

#1. It’s Risky- You Might Fail

You Might Fail

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You might have heard a lot of near and dear ones say this when you come up with a new idea. But mostly it’s their fear that is speaking which is why you shouldn’t pay any heed to their fears. Know that there is no pass/ fail model. Every opportunity comes with its own sets of experience.  Even if you fail, you would have gained something from that experience and you will be better prepared the next time.

#2. Everything is hopeless

Everything is hopeless

Stop letting people tell you that things are hopeless and miracles aren’t possible. Once again, this is just their perspective of life and you don’t have to let them dictate the terms of your life. Even the most adverse of situations can be turned around. Your future is in your control. What you do today, decides who your future will look like tomorrow. Don’t let people tell you that miracles don’t happen. Believe in yourself and be convinced that really great things can happen if you just decided to do them.

#3. Do it perfectly or don’t start at all

Do it perfectly or don’t start at all

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Perfection is a myth. There are no set standards for a perfectly cooked dish or how perfect people look. It all depends on how you see things. What’s perfect for someone might appear faulty to you and vice versa. So, don’t give others the power to define perfection for you. You do what you have to and how you want to do it. As long as you give your best, you will know what’s perfect for you.

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