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5 Things that processed food is doing to your body

Eating healthy is key to healthy body and good health. Natural source of food is the best way to stay healthy. We live in outrageously busy society. Sometimes we even do not have time for ourselves. So we start finding shortcuts to everything. Even in eating. Because of lack in time, we avoid to cook food and switch to readymade foods which are artificial and processed. Processed food formerly harms our body but who cares when time is moving so fast and you have to move with time. Your body cares. Your body demands a little care from you. Processed food is responsible for obesity.

Side-effects of processed food:

# 1. High Sugar content:


Processed foods have high sugar content and also contain high fructose corn syrup. Too much sugar intake harms our body because they contain fat which does not get breakdown easily. And processed food contains double sugar than real foods. Now you can well imagine how harmful it can be. It is totally restricted for diabetic and cholesterol patients.

# 2. Over-consumptions:


Processed foods leads to over consumption. We all crave for tasty food. Processed foods craves us to eat much can we need leading to obesity and overweight.

# 3. Artificial Ingredients:

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Processed food contains all artificial ingredients that can more or less harm your system. If you look at the label of the packet of processed food, you won’t even be familiar to some of them. That is because those are not at all actual food that we get in our natural diet. Processed foods contain preservations, colorants, texturants, artificial flavors and some harsh chemicals too.

# 4. Addictive:


Processed foods are addictive. Processed foods taste way better than real food. SO, they are addictive. Once you start eating them, you body craves for more. Junk foods can hijack the functioning of brain leading to obesity and over-consumption.

# 5. High in Carbohydrates:


Processed foods are carbohydrate high food. Carbohydrates are more dangerous than fats when consumed in higher amount. It leads to carb cravings just few hours after its intake when the blood sugar level goes down. These types of carbohydrates are categorized into simple carbohydrate type which produces negative health effects in your body.

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