5 Ways to Recover From a Tough Workout

You may have been hitting the gym hard and going crazy with those intense workouts but what if you are taking two steps back with every one step forward? Spending hours in gym lifting can stall your progress. If you want to get the best results for all your hard work, you also need to focus on rest and recovery which are integral aspects of any strength training program. Here are 5 ways to recover from a tough workout so that you can stay sharp in the next one.

#1. Push the limit but don’t annihilate it

Pushing beyond your limits is probably a good thing after all, ‘no pain, no gain’. but how far are you supposed to push? Until you feel that sting in the muscles? But you should only push until a stimulus is created for muscle growth and not go to a point where your muscles hurt for next few days. You should push yourself out of your comfort zone such as doing an extra set than the day before but in the process, don’t destroy your body.

#2. Structured Rest

Have deliberate rest days in between, they are essential to any training program. Remember that your muscles don’t grow when you lift, they grow when you rest and give your body time to recover. When you lift, your muscles undergo microtears and to repair themselves, they need proper rest. Have rest days in between your training sessions or a rest week after every 8-12 weeks of strenuous exercise that allows your body to recover properly. During this week, you can stay off exercise or reduce the volume.  But make sure that you don’t take too much rest because afterwards the next time you hit the gym, be prepared for the muscle aches that won’t go away that easily.

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