5 ways to Say No Politely

#3  Express Regret

no thanks

This is actually quite easy. You can say you are not qualified enough for the said job or your plate is full. Or, you wouldn’t be able to give your best to a certain project right now. Make a statement of regret such as:

I am sorry, I would like to help you but…

I wish I could help you, but right now I am busy with …

I appreciate the offer, but right now I have to…

You get the idea, right? And hopefully, the other person will do too.

#4  Ask for more time

This could work in situations involving marriage and relationships. You can tell the person you need more time to analyse things in a better way. After all, long term commitment isn’t decided in minutes. Say you require time to understand the situation and if this is what you want for long term.

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