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5 ways to protect yourself from intruders

“Do you agitate while travel alone in a bus or hiring a taxi to reach home at night? It is justified to fear pessimism. But important is to overcome the odd situations. Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent”

Streets are not safe, especially for women. Working women has no other option than to travel back home late at night. School and college girls even have to travel alone most of the time. So here are some safety cusps for travelling and working women.

#  1. Stay aware.


Awareness is your first strand of defense.  Unless you are aware of your surroundings, you cannot help yourself. Kicking the attacker at the groin and running to the cops is what we think about awareness but that comes after you stay aware. Attackers always take advantage of surprises. They know, once they attack you suddenly who will be in a state of shock and that is when they anesthetize you. To provide such shock, stay aware when you are travelling alone. Carry a pepper spray in your one hand and always set your phone emergency number to cops “100”, so that once you are attacked you spray the bottle at their eyes and dial cops without even unlocking your screen because unlocking screen then dialing a number will imbibe your time.

#  2. Take self defense steps.

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Self defense does not symbolize your talents in martial arts and karate. It is not possible for every woman to take martial art training. Self defense includes your safety kit and your quickness to respond. Once the attacker attacks you, use your pepper spray and your electronic shocker to mess the attacker. Don’t try to play karate with the attacker unless you are too good at it. Next try shouting out loud using the word “HELP” so that if anyone around pass by anywhere around you can hear you and help you out.

#  3. Run away and escape.


Sometimes, predators come by whispering into your ears to accompany them, be it in a car or into a building. They may promise you not to hurt you. DONOT TRUST THEM let how sober and gentle they look. Best option during such time is to run away and shout for help. Kidnapping happens when predators attacks.

# 4. Always keep your doors closed to avoid Home Invasions.


Intruders sometimes enter home in disguise. Unless you know that person ringing your doorbell do not open the door. Keep your apartment guards informed if you observe any unknown person toddling near your home every day. Moreover keep your cell phone, knife, pepper spray and electronic shocker near to you whenever any unrecognizable person rings your doorbell.

# 5. Keep your car doors locked while driving and travelling.


Carjacking is very common now a day. To avoid car keep your car doors locked and windowed tightened up while you are driving or travelling in a car. Do not hire a driver before checking his background. Now-a-days there are companies which provide car drivers. Contact any trustable company if you need driver.

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