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5 Ways to Quit Smoking

Anybody trying to quit smoking will very well know the phenomenon known as ‘tobacco craving’. No matter how hard you try, tobacco craving can be very strong. All you have to remember is that no matter how strong your tobacco craving is, it will be very short-lived and not worth giving up your intentions. It may be difficult but every time you resist that urge to smoke you are one step closer to achieve your goal, which is obviously to quit smoking. If for any reason you believe that you are going to lose the battle then fret not, because there are ways using which you can win the war.

#1. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)


The first step and probably the most common one when people try to quit smoking is NRT. You could do the same. If you are adamant about your quitting then go and have a talk with your doctor. Nicotine nasal spray and inhaler can be used and are available through prescriptions. Similarly there are prescription pills that can be used. Patches, gums, et cetera on the other hand can be used without any prescriptions. If you for any reason just lost control then it’s not necessary that you totally drop the idea of NRT. You can continue with the therapy.

#2. Wait a Little Longer


If you feel the urge to smoke and you think you may just do it then tell yourself to just wait it out, maybe for 10 minutes or so. Since tobacco craving is short-lived, waiting for 10 minutes may help you defeat the craving.

#3. Give Your Mouth Something to Work on

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One thing you should do when you are trying to quit smoking is to keep your mouth busy. Constantly chewing on something will help you fight the tobacco cravings. Use nicotine gums or maybe even sugarless gums. Chewing on carrots, nuts, celery, et cetera; anything crunchy and satisfying will do.

#4. Don’t Let ‘Just One’ Deceive You


When you are on the path of quitting and you have been walking that path for long you may feel the urge to just give yourself a little treat and have just one smoke, thinking what harm just one cigarette can do. But believe me when I tell you, that one cigarette may lead you to smoking full-time again. So avoid ‘just one’ cigarette.

#5. Time to Pay More Attention to Your Physical Activities


The more you indulge into physical activities the less affect the tobacco cravings will have on you. It’s as simple as that. Indulge in sports, exercise more, whatever turns your wheel. Just don’t sit idly. Because if you do that all you will think about is smoking, and you don’t want to lose the battle now, do you?

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