6 Medical Miracles around the World

Doctors many-a-times are considered as gods. They save lives, give people a second chance, one might say that they totally deserve the title. But even these gods who walk on Earth cannot save everybody, the extreme cases, cases which actually need a miracle, God’s hand. Here are some cases that had God and doctors working together on them.

#1. Spike through the Head


In 1848 (yes, you read it right) Phineas Gage worked in a construction gang as a foreman. The incident took place while he and the team were working on a new railroad line. Due to an explosion near by a rod of length 3 feet 7 inches pierced through his cheek and exited through the top of his head. The rod was successfully removed by the doctors of that time and he lived. He had a personality change and had regular seizures, the cause of his death after 11 years. How did he escape instant death, only God knows.

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