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6 Medical Miracles around the World

Doctors many-a-times are considered as gods. They save lives, give people a second chance, one might say that they totally deserve the title. But even these gods who walk on Earth cannot save everybody, the extreme cases, cases which actually need a miracle, God’s hand. Here are some cases that had God and doctors working together on them.

#1. Spike through the Head

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In 1848 (yes, you read it right) Phineas Gage worked in a construction gang as a foreman. The incident took place while he and the team were working on a new railroad line. Due to an explosion near by a rod of length 3 feet 7 inches pierced through his cheek and exited through the top of his head. The rod was successfully removed by the doctors of that time and he lived. He had a personality change and had regular seizures, the cause of his death after 11 years. How did he escape instant death, only God knows.

#2. A Man Cut in Half!

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Yeah, I am not exaggerating. A man named Peng Shuilin was literally cut in half in a nasty road accident. His determination to live increased his chance of survival from below 30% to a 100%. After years of rigorous training and struggle the man now walks with the help of bionic legs. Just AMAZING!

#3. The Decapitated Lives

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Orthopedic decapitation is a condition where a person’s skull detaches from his/her spine (ouch!) and people rarely survive from this kind of injury. But a nine-year old boy Jordan Taylor did just that, he survived! After giving him just 1% chance of survival, doctors successfully operated on him, 3 months after which the kid was kicking and going to school and all… talk about miracles!

#4. Real Life “Lakshmi”

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When a baby girl was born in rural India with four arms and four feet she was named “Lakshmi” after the Hindu Goddess of Wealth. She was clearly celebrated. Doctors, however, knew better. After they researched on the matter they found that she had a twin who had fused into her due to under-development. The doctors performed a 27 hour surgery on her to remove the extra limbs, kidney and spinal-cord.

#5. Without a Heart for 118 Days


Sometimes it happens that a patient needs an organ-transplant but the wait is too long for the original and fatigued organ to bear, or at-least that’s what I have seen in TV shows (read that Grey’s Anatomy). Turns out this happened in real life and the doctors found a solution which was quite literally filmy and dramatic (also totally awesome). They removed (the then) 14-year-old girl’s heart and kept her alive for FOUR MONTHS! Beat that GA!! Now 19 D’Zhana Simmons is living a normal life.

#6. Magic Tooth

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About 12 years ago Martin Joe, a builder by profession, met with an accident resulting in blindness. In some other century there would have been no hope for him. Doctors of the 21st century however did something nobody ever thought of. The doctors removed his canine and made it into some kind of lens-holder and then inserted it into his eye. Now he has full vision in his right eye. Maybe the tooth-fairy was involved?

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