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6 Things You Do That Make Your Skin Look Older

We are not very good to our bodies, let’s be honest. Oh, sure, there are some people who take care of their bodies, but by and large the human race is terribly cruel to the only body it will ever get. Here are some of the ways in which we make our skin look far older than it actually is.

#1.      Not putting on sunscreen

Just as we are cruel to our bodies, and our skin, so can the sun be. I mean, it emits huge amounts of radiation, and that radiation makes it all the way to Earth and hits our skin, the first line of defence. It is inevitable that there are some losses. Not putting on sunscreen makes you a sitting duck, even on a cloudy day.

#2.      Applying your skin products incorrectly

Cream in round containerGravity. Our skin eventually succumbs to it, sagging, but we’ve invented all sorts of magic creams to forestall that. Turns out, you’ve probably been putting them on wrong. Instead of applying them from top to bottom, in a downward motion (which only adds more downward pressure to your skin), apply from bottom to top, gently.

#3.      Sleeping with makeup on

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Yes, I know, it’s a major hassle to remove your makeup before you go to bed. I mean, you’re either exhausted, or drunk, neither of which is conducive to delicate facial work. Unfortunately, leaving your makeup on means that all the toxins and dirt it collected during the day stay on your skin, working their way in. So just wipe it off before you go to bed.

#4.      Using a straw

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This is a weird one. Drinking from a straw can age your skin.

It’s because of the way we pucker our mouths to take a sip, which creates lines in the skin. Repeating that motion, say, every time we want a drink, will only make those lines deeper, and deeper, until we have a lovely collection of wrinkles around the mouth.

#5.      Too much cleaning

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Having super clean skin all the time is not necessarily good for it. Every time you wash your face, be it with a harsh soap or a gentle cleanser, you remove all the natural oils that keep the skin soft and supple. Over time, this will decrease the health of the skin significantly.

#6.      Smoking

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The habit to end all habits. We all know smoking is bad – there’s a reason cigarettes have the slang name “coffin nails” – and one of the bad things they do (apart from giving you lung cancer and killing you, of course) is making your skin age faster. It turns yellow, gets all wrinkly, because of the nasty chemicals – tar and nicotine and such – in the cigarettes you’re puffing on twenty, thirty, forty times a day. So maybe cut down a bit, if your skin is a priority.

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