6 Ways to Become Mentally Strong

Do you sustain or crack under pressure? Can everyday situations bring your energy down?

People are not born with mental strength. It takes years of practise and resilience to become mentally tough. Mental toughness is all about how well you can control your emotions, thoughts, attitudes and actions when under pressure. Here are 6 ways to become mentally strong.

#1.  Practise the 2 Minute Rule

In his book “Ground Zero Leadership: CEO of You” Andrew D. Wittman talks about the 2-minute rule. Wittman, who is a former US Marine now trains individuals and organizations in mental toughness. He says anytime you are faced with a stressful situation, you should practise the two-minute rule i.e. spend two minutes thinking about how you would deal with the situation ahead of you. This can help your brain come up with good ideas.

#2.  Reframe Your Negative Thoughts


Our brains are often shrouded with negative thoughts but mentally strong people don’t let such thoughts stay for long or hold them back. So, next time such thoughts cross your mind, have a good inner dialogue with yourself and stay motivated. You can also talk to a mentor or a good friend who can help you come out of such state.

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