7 Fascinating But Weird Guinness World Records

Having your name in the Guinness Book of World Records is something world class and super amazing. It takes a lot of effort doing that. But some people really take it to a whole new level. Being disbelievingly talented, some people just make the impossible happen. If you ever check out the list of records you will not believe your own eyes. You will be amazed!

Here are some absolutely fascinating Guinness World records made.

#1. Most straws stuffed in mouth.

Guiness Rishi from India made a world record for stuffing 496 straws in his mouth. He even kept it in for 10 seconds and all was done with hands off. I wonder what made him try that at the first place. And to much surprise, he removed all his teeth to do this. WOW! I could never even think of such a thing and this guy did that.


#2. Most toilet seats broken with head.

Someone even tried that? I can’t believe! But that’s right. A guy from USA named Kelvin Shelley made a world record for breaking the most number of toilet seats in a minute. No not the ones we use, the wooden ones. He broke 46 toilet seats in a minute on 1st September, 2007. Crazy? Of course!

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