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7 Reasons Why You Should Eat Chocolates.

Every human’s most favorite delicacy is chocolate. From a kid to an elderly, craving for chocolates lies in everyone. Give us as many chocolates and still we will want more of it. But why does mom always stop us from eating chocolates? Of course she’s concerned but you need a way out, right? You can definitely not compromise on chocolates. So here are some amazing facts about chocolates and next time when mom stops you from having one, show her this!

Amazing Facts that say you should eat chocolates.

#1. Dark Chocolates are healthier than milk.

dark chocolate

Surprised? So am I. But it is true that dark chocolate has more cacao in them. Cacao is the bean with which chocolates are made. Also, it has less sugar content in it. So, it is considered healthier than white chocolate or milk.

#2. Chocolates improves your mood in high pressure.

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It is true that eating chocolates reduces mental pressure. People suffering from high pressure can eat chocolates for improvement of their mood. According to an experiment, certain participants were asked to complete serial subtraction tasks of threes and sevens, trust me this is one hectic job and requires intense attention. It was found that those who drank cocoa flavored drinks reported better performance and less mental fatigue.

#3. Chocolates are good for mothers & babies

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According to a Finnish study, it was found that eating chocolates reduces stress of expectant mothers and that the babies of such mothers smiled more as compared to others.

#4. Chocolates are good for heart.

dark chocolate
As per some studies, it has been found that chocolates helps in restoring the flexibility of arteries. It also prevents white blood cells from sticking to walls of the blood vessels.

#5. Saves your skin from sunburn.

Consuming chocolates reduces the effect of UV rays. A study found that women who drank hot chocolate every morning for three months were less affected by UV rays than other women who did not drink.

#6. Chocolate increases your lifetime!

It is not fake. Harvard University’s researchers have found that people who ate chocolates atleast 3 time in a month, lived a year longer than others.

#7. Chocolates Increases appetite.

Chocolates contain cannabinoid-like substances which affects the hypothalamus which is the part of the brain that controls hunger.  Eating chocolates will help you to get back your appetite.

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