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7 Reasons to Eat Garlic on an Empty Stomach

As surprising as it sounds, there are actually benefits to eating garlic when you haven’t had anything else to eat. Honestly, it’s surprising there are benefits to eating garlic at all, but these ones are actually pretty noteworthy, so it certainly is surprising.

So here they are, the benefits of eating garlic on an empty stomach.

#1.  It’s a powerful antibiotic…


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…provided you eat it before breakfast, that is. If you’ve already eaten breakfast, that gives those nasty bacteria somewhere to hide, deep within the bowels of your eggs and bacon. But if your stomach is empty, they’ve nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide, and cannot resist succumbing to the antibiotic properties of the garlic.

#2.  It can help sufferers of Tuberculosis

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Garlic has quite the reputation for the preventation and treatment of respiratory systems, including tuberculosis, which kills innumerable people around the world every year. In the case of TB, an entire bulb of garlic should be consumed every day, best eaten raw or just lightly browned. If you must turn it into a sauce, avoid boiling it as this will denature the healing properties.

#3.  And also those who suffer bronchitis and asthma


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            For these, you’ll need to make a garlic extract. 40 grams of garlic in a bottle, soaked in 90 proof alcohol for a few days and strained gives you an infusion that you’ll need to drink a cup of each day, if you have bronchitis. For asthma, add about 20 drops of it to hot water and drink that instead, maybe with a bit of mint, if the garlic taste is too strong.

#4.  It can cure haemorrhoids and constipation


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            Ah, piles and constipation; the two things that are way worse than they sound. Fortunately, garlic is here to help, if you’re having a spot of bother in the toilet department. Just boil water up with a good amount of garlic in it and breathe in the steam from the infusion until it gets cold and you’ll be good to, um, go.

#5.  It has numerous external applications


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            You don’t just have to eat garlic for it to do you some good – you can also rub it on the outside of your body and it’ll do some good things too. Small amounts of it can help with warts, often making them fall off painlessly and easily. Garlic can also be applied as a poultice to insect bites or stings to draw out the venom and ease the pain; some favour garlic as a way to relieve toothache – just apply a small piece of garlic to the sore tooth and it’ll take care of things for you.

#6.  Garlic can help your cardiovascular system


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            Garlic contains a unique sulfuric compound that improves blood flow all around the body by relaxing and enlarging your arteries. As such, it can improve the health of your cardiovascular system, and fend off troubles of the heart and blood vessels such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attacks and coronary disease.

#7.  It can fend off cancer (maybe)


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            A number of studies show that people who eat lots and lots of garlic find themselves at a reduced risk of certain cancers, such as lung, breast and prostate cancer, among others. It could also be beneficial in treating prostate and bladder cancer. Of course, correlation is not causation, and the garlic could have nothing to do with it, but there are some who believe that it is certain allyl sulphides within garlic that are responsible for these alleged anti-cancer properties.

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