7 Skills That are Hard to Learn But Will Give Good Payoffs

#5. Active listening

Active listening


Do you always listen when someone is speaking or you just merely hear? That kind of listening is passive listening because most of the times we are simply thinking of what to say next. Active listening means actually listening and understanding what the speaker is saying and not thinking of what to say next.

#6. Saying ‘No’

Yes, it is difficult to say no and that is the reason you might be under stress or left with no time for yourself. But this one word can save you fro lots of troubles. You don’t have to be brazen and say ‘NO; upfront but humbly or polity refuse.

#7. Minding your own business

Gossips maybe a good time-pass but they are simply wasting your productive time and you might just end up losing your sleep or your friend’s vacation pictures. What others do is none of your business. You focus on yours and do your thing. Stop wasting time on spying and judging what others are doing.

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