7 Things You Should Not Do After Eating

#6. “Don’t go for walks immediately after a meal.”


Image Source: http://flickr.com

Or go if you really want to, but then you’ll have some serious acid reflux and indigestion; if that’s what you want.

You can go for a walk after a meal, sure, but after at least 30 minutes please. Then it is perfectly healthy.

#7. Dozing off immediately after a meal, bad idea.


Image Source: http://flickr.com

Whatever you do, just don’t sleep immediately after a meal. As you lie down, many digestive juices travel in opposite direction, and into your food pipe, thus corroding the inner layer. The burning sensation you get when you lie down after a meal, yes, that’s your food pipe corroding. Just do whatever activity you like most, television, chatting with friends and family, but DO NOT sleep immediately after

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