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7 Top Morning Workout Tips

#1.      Plan your pre-workout meal

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It is pretty much essential that you eat a small to medium-sized meal before you start working out; it’ll help you burn more calories, according to a study done, and will help you avoid feeling bloated afterwards, which is what happens when you eat a large meal pre-workout. A smoothie containing Greek yoghurt, berries and whey protein is suggested.

#2.      Set two alarms

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Yes, that’s right. Set one alarm for 15 minutes before you have to get up, and that gives you time to lie in bed content in the knowledge that is isn’t quite time for you to give up your comfy bed. It’s better than having to stumble out of bed as soon as your alarm goes off, all bleary eyed and angry. Which leads us into the next point:

#3.      Keep your alarm away from your bed

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It’s simple really; if you can just reach out and silence your alarm, we both know you aren’t going to get out of bed and go workout. But if you actually have to get out of bed to get that alarm to shut up, it means that you get the hardest part – the getting out of bed – over with, so you can get on with working out.

#4.      Go to bed early

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If you start working out early in the morning (which you hopefully will, after reading these tips), you’ll start teaching your body to be ready for exercise at that time of day, which resets your sleep cycle; that means you need to get yourself in bed about 30-45 minutes earlier, so your sleep schedule won’t change too much. Otherwise you’re gonna miss out on sleep, and be super grumpy.

#5.      Warm-Up adequately

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Obviously you need to warm-up to make sure you don’t injure yourself when you exercise. But, since your body temperature is lower in the mornings, you’re going to need to make sure your warm-up is a little longer, to loosen up your joints and muscles, and prepare your nervous system for the coming workout.

#6.      Wear red & make sure your clothes are ready

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Red has been proven to increase circulation and excitement levels, which is why it can really work to get you going in the mornings. But it’s no good to decide to wear red if you don’t know where your clothes are, so lay them out somewhere visible the night before, to make sure you can get out there quickly.

#7.      Splash yourself with cold water

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As soon as you get out of bed, get your arse to the bathroom sink and splash your face with cold water. That’s going to wake you up quickly, and help put the struggle of getting out of bed behind you.

That’s it for Early Morning Workout Tips – hopefully these will help you get out of bed and get your blood pumping!

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