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7 ways to kill obesity

Before you know how to kill obesity, first let discuss about what is obesity. The state of being excessively fat or overweight is medically termed as obesity. There are numerous reasons why obesity occurs. Main reason are consumption of processed food, artificial food, unhealthy diet food, soda, Coke, skipping meals specially breakfast and lots more. Obesity can even occur due to hereditary problem. Here are seven ways to kill obesity.
# 1. Eat smart food:

Your healthy is your property and nobody will invade this property. So better take care of it. Be judgmental about foods that you eat. Let it b fries or fruits, be specific about how much calories you are pertaining. Avoid processed food, junk food, artificial juices and drinks. They contain maximum amount of calorie.

# 2. Avoid sugar intake:


Sugar molecules when reaches your body, de-shapes you body. They are high in calorie. Fat is maximum in Sugar. Processed food and drinks contains maximum amount of sugar. If you want to stay away from obesity, first stay away from sugar intake. Substitute honey in place of sugar.

# 3. Stop skipping your meals:

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Do not skip your meals specially breakfast. Empty stomach is obesity’s best friend.

#4. Try to avoid alcohol:

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You may like dinking sometime during the weekends with your friends. But alcohol contains high amount of fat and sugar molecules. Stop drinking and stay healthy.

# 5. Drink enough water:

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Water serves a natural cleanser. Drink at least 4 to 5 litres of water every day. Water washes away excess fat from your body and excretes them out, keeping you fresh, healthy and in shape.

# 6. Exercise:


All diet foods and no exercise won’t help you to burn calorie. Don’t try to lose calorie instead burn them out. How? Exercise at least 30 minutes regularly. If you cannot perform workouts , walk or run for 30 mins every morning.

# 7. Sleep tight:

In most cases obesity occurs due to unhealthy lifestyle. Your body recharges and cleanses your body naturally every night when you sleep. So do not disturb your body’s natural function. Sleep for at least 8 hours every night. Get early to bed and rise early to get a healthy and shaped bodyline.

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