8 Fruits That Can Make You Look Beautiful

#4.      Papaya


Image Source: wikimedia.org

A good source of vitamin C, calcium and fibre, papayas are a great way to give yourself skin that positively glows, as well as helping your body to function effectively – that fibre really does help get things moving along smoothly. It is also rich in antioxidants, and can assist in cleansing your blood of toxins.

#5.      Prunes


Image Source: wikimedia.org

Prunes are, unfortunately, associated with old age, and probably always will be. However, what you need to know is that they are a great way to shed the kilos, among other things. Rich in fibre, they help your digestive system along (which we all know – prune juice is synonymous with “laxative”) and flush toxins out of your body. They also provide your body with plenty of energy to keep you active, as well as helping you lose weight.

#6.      Oranges


Image Source: wikimedia.org

The vitamin C contained in oranges (and, in fact, all of the citrus fruits) helps your body with the construction of collagen, the tightening agent in your skin. So much so, as it happens, that orange peel and orange juice are frequently used in anti-aging creams, for the purpose of boosting collagen production and thus tightening the skin, removing wrinkles.

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