8 signs that you are not healthy as you look

We all want a slim, healthy body which is attractive as well. But in the mean time we don’t like to eat healthy. But without eating healthy we cannot stay healthy. You need to understand the responses of your body. You need to understand the sign given by your body to sense whether you are as healthy as you look.

# 1. Lack of sleep:

If you are suffering from lack of sleep you should understand your body is not as fit as it looks. Sleep is an important part of our life. Our body naturally cleans and purifies its organ when we sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to insomnia, mental anxiety, drowsiness, nausea etc. Try to get enough sleep. If you are not falling asleep in time, drink a glass of Luke warm milk before going to bed. It will help you to sleep.

# 2. Lack of energy:

Our body needs energy to perform all activities. Energy comes from fat intake. Person on weight loss diet generally give up eating fatty foods. But remember, with fat your body will not be able to perform all activities. If you are feeling lazy, drowsy or experiencing black outs that means you are lacking in energy. Eat energy supplying food to avoid this lacking.

# 3. Headache and body aches:

Headaches and Body ache can occur due to many reasons. But whatever the reason is, it directly means you are not as healthy as you look. Headaches and body aches can occur due to pressure of work, stress, continuous use of eyes without rest, loud sounds etc.

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