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8 Weirdest And Creepiest Food Items You Will Ever Find.

When we talk about food, the first thing that comes to our head is that it must LOOK delicious. Of course, we never go for something creepy. If I told you that people eat insects, raw, and that too happily like that’s the world’s best delicacy then how amazed would you be? I’d rather ask, how puzzled and amused would you be? You don’t even prefer boiled stuff and here they gobble it up uncooked. Okay, let me not scare you with the uncooked part, but I’ve got you some weirdest and creepiest food items that will make you utter “OMG, for real?”

1. Steak Tartare

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You must be wondering what’s so weird about a steak? I’ll come to that later but first, a little introduction about this. It’s a french dish commonly available there and people find it tasty as wow! But if they knew how it was cooked. This is made up of ground beef, capers, onions and eggs, seasoned with Worcester sauce and ALL OF THEM BEING RAW! How yuck it sounds to have raw beef? But don’t worry because that is actually delicious and people love it.

2. Boiled Balut.

Boiled Balut
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A Balut is a duck embryo, yep you read it right. People from mostly Southeast Asia boil an alive duck embryo and have it with chilled beer. They don’t mind the ugly look of it, because they find it yummy. They mostly use a 17 days balut and eat it inside its egg, of course after boiling.

3. Sago Delight.

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Another Southeast Asian delicacy, Sago Delight is made up of sago crubs, seasoned with normal Southeast Asian seasonings and flavors. They say that it has a creamy taste when you have it raw and a bacon like flavor when you cook it. However delightful and tasty is might be but this is some serious creepiness.

4. Japanese Siokara

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People from Japan prepare this dish by using the meat of some delicious sea creatures served with a paste of fermented and salted viscera and all so RAW, again. I wonder what’s so interesting in having it raw, aren’t we already introduced to fire and cooking? Give it a try though, if you ever get a luck to this raw and gross thing.

5. Wasp crackers.

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Again from Japan! Perhaps, the wasps had had enough of their stinging and so to teach them a lesson these Japanese fellows wanted to sting back. You love chocolate chip cookies, don’t you? So here’s a variation of it. Wasp chip cookies. Oh yes they’re cookies with wasps inside them. Thank God, they at least they baked it this time.

6. Fried Tarantula.

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This is a regional food item in Cambodia. Know what their basic ingredient is? Spiders” How delicious and gross. They have it as snacks and they say that it attracts tourists, I still doubt on that though. Enjoy your fried spider.

7. Khash.

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Eaten by Middle East, East Europe and Turkey people, this is a stewed food item. Their ingredient is creepy though. They stew cows feet and head and they say that is eaten as a comfort food during winters. Comfort, yeah right!

8. Smalahove.

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The Norwegian poor, who can’t afford some good piece of meat, choose to feed on sheep-head. Yes, this dish which is also called skjelte is a traditional dish made by dried or smoked sheep head and served with some good drinks.

That was a good list to make us puke for sure, but hey! people eat them and call it delicacies. Good luck trying them.

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