9 Facts About Donald Trump

The 45th US president has finally been elected, after much speculation and lots of controversies. But even before he ran for president, Donald Trump was not the one to mince his words. He has been on the covers of various magazines for his inflammatory remarks against immigrants. That’s something we all know! But there is much more to the President who was earlier a business tycoon. Here are 9 facts about Donald Trump you might not know.

#1. Filed for bankruptcy 4 times

Filed for bankruptcy 4 times

Image Source: flickr.com

On four occasions, his various businesses have filed for bankruptcy. The first business was the Trump Taj Mahal in 1991 followed by the Trump Plaza announcing bankruptcy in 1992. This company was renamed as Trump Hotels and Casinos which again filed for bankruptcy in 2004 followed by Trump Entertainment in 2009.

#2. Outsourcing

Ivanka Trump

Image Source: wikimedia.org

Trump is no stranger to outsourcing even though he can be heard blaming Mexico and China for America’s economic problems. But what’s interesting is that Trump’s clothing line is produced in China and Bangladesh. Moreover, Ivanka Trump’s jewellery and footwear line’s production is also outsourced to China and other countries with availability of cheap labour.

#3. Lesson in Discipline

Lesson in Discipline

Image Source: wikimedia.org

Trump has always been aggressive and boisterous. When he was 13, his parents sent him to the New York Military Academy to learn some discipline. He graduated from there in 1964.

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