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9 Life Saving Reasons You Should Be Drinking Way More Water

Everyday millions of people are told the same thing, you should drink more water. Whether it’s from a doctor or a friend, but everyone isn’t drinking enough. There may be conjecture as to how much you should be drinking, but if you’re not at least drinking one or two bottles a day, you’re way behind on the quota. There are some amazing reasons you should probably be drinking way more water, and while some may argue that they are doing enough, it’s really not true across the majority of people today. It’s with that in mind that the following 10 reasons have been compiled.

#1  Your Brain is Watery


No, no it’s not literally water, nor is it “wet” brain. However, the brain is in fluid, underneath the cranium. Drinking more water has been shown to increase memory, energy, and focus. When you’re lacking it, the body shuts down certain processes and in extreme cases your brain will suffer from concentration issues, and could even cause you to lose cognitive reflexes.

#2  Helps With Digestion


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Like a spoonful of fiber cereal, water helps with the digestion and processing of food. You will find that it can help with bowel movements, and establish better pH levels in the stomach. It can also give you a nudge when you’re full, so that you don’t over eat. It also helps with absorption of nutrients and balances the body’s digestion on several levels.

#3 Cools You Down


Sweat is the body’s’ natural response to overheating. When you drink water, the body excretes the sweat through glands all over the skin. This helps with not only cooling your temperature down, but also helps with the release of toxicity in your body. The next time someone speaks to the notion of “sweating” it out, you can oblige.

#4 Anti-Aging Properties

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Want younger, more elastic skin? Then you can just drink more water and gain benefits that expensive salons charge hundreds of dollars to provide to clients. Water helps dermal skin repair, hydrates the top layer, reduces wrinkles and reverses the signs of aging.

#5  Keeps Homeostasis



Simply put, this helps with the immune system. The body needs water at all levels, from the organs to skeletal framework, joints, and more. When you have enough water in the body, all the systems including the immune system work at proper homeostasis. That means that the bioavailability of nutrients gets pushed, and you could even stave off sicknesses like cold, flu, and even cancer.

#6 Headache Relieving Elements


Instead of reaching for aspirin, you’ll find that a good remedy to relieve a headache is to reach for more water. Most people complain about headaches due in large part to the lack of water that they’re consuming. When dehydrated, you will find that a major symptom is none other than headaches.

#7  Lubrication For The Joints


Your joints need lubrication in order to work at top level. When you aren’t drinking enough water, the joints and muscles cramp up and cause issues when involved in any athletic endeavor. Lubricating the right areas gives your body a stretch and pull that it needs to reduce pain, sprains, and injuries.

#8 The Mood Enhancer


Cognitive function not only gets a boost, but drinking more water will boost your mood. Mood elevation comes as a result of the aforementioned homeostasis of the body. You’ll find that there’s a confidence in healthy living that comes from drinking water on a regular basis, and it’s definitely worth exploring on a deeper level.

#9 To Stay Alive



You can live weeks without food, and while you may lose a lot of weight, you will not die. Try to match that to water, and you’re dead. You cannot stop drinking water, it is a life giving element. It’s the one thing that all human beings must have plenty of all the time. It helps with so many functions of the body, and it gives life to those that need it most. Without water, life would be a painful, dreaded existence for a short time.

If you’re not drinking the recommended 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, then try to double up on what you’re drinking. You may find that just a double up will help you with getting more of it. You should probably be drinking more water, and it shows through the aforementioned 10 benefits you will receive.

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