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The benefits of having cats as pets

It has always been told that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but we have a whole different story for you. How about if I say that a pet a day will do the same for you? A cat can bring out everything good in you. It is proven scientifically that there are substantial health benefits of owning a cat. Your mental and physical personality would enhance a lot. Keep on reading to find out the amazing facts about owning cats!

#1.  Cuddling:

cat cuddle

It helps to ward off allergies. It is proved that having a pet in the home can lower the risk of allergy in children by 33 percent. If children are exposed to cats at an early age, they can develop a strong immune system. It might not be overly beneficial to adults, but obviously, it is good for newborns and a growing family.

#2.  Responsibility:


A sense of responsibility itself is created among us by the presence of cats. Cats can help you in enhancing your social skills.

#3.  Companionship:

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With cats in the house, you get a sense of camaraderie. They are social and friendly too. So when you return home from work, you can definitely expect a greeting from your cat.

#4.  Exercising:


Playing with your cat can be a good exercise for you. Cats are active, and you can train them as well. This is an excellent practice to lose some calories in a fun way.

#5.  Purring is healing:

Stroking a purring cat on your lap has proved to reduce stress and blood pressure to a great extent. It also gives a cozy and pleasant feeling which can uplift your mood. The sound of a cat’s purring can also help in healing bones and muscles.

#6.   Empathy:


Having a cat at home can be a great way to teach your child/children about compassion. Especially in nuclear families, it can inculcate the values of caring and understanding among children.

#7.   Healthy heart:

Healthy heart

Having a cat in the family can also reduce the risk of having a heart problem as per researches. Thus, rather than going on a low salt diet, having a cat can be more advantageous.

#8.   Mental support:

Cats can be a good psychological support. You can talk to them, share your feelings with them and in this way, they give you emotional support.

#9.   Better Sleep:

Cuddling in the bed with a cat

Cuddling in the bed with a cat has proven to improve sleep. If you are sleeping alone, a cat can be a great companion.

#10.  Relaxing:

With a cat around the house, you feel calm and joyous. It is proved that this peaceful feeling increases the production of oxytocin which triggers the sense of love. Also, it is good for children with autism.

#11.   Prevents Asthma:

Allowing a child to be with a cat regularly can reduce respiratory problems to a great extent.

There are a lot more amazing benefits of having a cat as a pet. So what are you waiting for? Find one for yourself now!

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