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Best Security Apps for Android Devices

Recent data breaches and virus attacks have raised questions over security. While some might still debate why they need a security app on their device, others know very well that your phones contain all kind of sensitive information. To protect it, you need some sort of anti-virus or anti-malware app in your phone. Here are some of the best Security Apps for Android.

#1  CM Security

Clean Master is everything you would want in a security app. It offers basic anti-virus and browsing protection along with battery saving, privacy protection for apps as well as a whole lot of other features. It is free though displays ads which you can remove by paying $0.99c each month.

#2  Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security

Image Source: wikimedia

You might already be familiar with the desktop version of Kaspersky anti-virus but the Android app of it offers a lot more. Along with anti-virus, it also offers anti-theft, call and text control and anti-phishing features. The app also provides you real-time web protection but for the entire package you need to buy the premium version which comes at a cost of $14.95 a year. Moreover, if you wish to add more devices you can do so by paying $5 per device for a year.

#3  Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Image Source: wikimedia

Malwarebytes combines a simple interface with best class protection against malware. It offers real-time protection free of cost and since it is focused on one thing only- it takes relatively lesser space. It also offers a simple privacy audit option that scans all the apps on your device and puts them into different categories making your job easier.

#4  Avast Antivirus and Security

Avast Antivirus and Security

Image Source: wikimedia

From virus to malware protection, Avast Antivirus & Security provides a host of features for your Android device. It has a web shield that scans URLs for malware as well as scans your apps to see what they are doing. It also offers a host of other features such as an app lock or PIN protect for apps or blacklisting and call blocking options. It can also scan Wi-Fi. However, the app locking feature is only available for two apps. To use more of its features you have to subscribe to a ‘Pro’ version which comes at a cost.

#5  Sophos Free Antivirus & Security

Sophos Free Antivirus & Security

Image Source: flickr

It comes with a 100% malware detection rate and doesn’t cost anything. Apart from malware detection, it also offers scanning for installation, existing apps as well as for storage media. Not only this, you will also get other benefits such as loss and theft protection, web filtering, spam blocking, password protection for apps and privacy and security advice.

#6  AVL

If you are simply looking for malware protection without much fuss about other privacy features, AVL might just be the best app for you. It has good performance and doesn’t eat up your phone’s battery. If you are looking for more features, the app also has a ‘Pro’ version available.

#7  Lookut

This is one of the few apps that are not available in a desktop version. The app is solely focused on Android devices but you need an account to get access to the app. It is available in two version- free and premium which comes at $2 per month. The free version provides you with app security and phone location features while the premium version comes with web browsing protection, privacy overview of apps and other anti-theft features.

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