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Born Again! – Real Reincarnation Stories.

Reincarnation, meaning rebirth, brings a list questions in every mind. Is this really possible? The same person, same soul, same face be born again? Amazingly, some even remember their past life vividly. Many don’t believe it while others say it happens. So if you have a doubt about that and want to explore rebirth possibilities then I’ll help. Listed below are some unbelievable and real reincarnation stories.

#1.Gus Taylor was his own grand dad!

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Just when he started talking, he kept on claiming that he was his own grandfather. Gus Taylor, was 18 when realized that he was his own grandfather, Augie, reborn again. His family thought that he might be having some mental or identification problems. But No, this was more than that. Shockingly, when he was four years old, he identified his grandpa’s picture from a family photograph. He identified himself (as Augie) from the photo before any of his family members told anything about it. Also, it is reported that Gus spoke about how Augie’s sister was murdered in the San Francisco Bay. Surprisingly, none of the family members ever told him about the murder story. When asked, Gus told that after his death God had given him a ticket that took him to a hole. It was through that hole by which he traveled to his new life as Gus Taylor.

#2. Manju Claimed her Previous life’s house to be her own.

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Post master PN Bharghav’s daughter Manju, born in Agra said she had two houses. She refused accept her present house as her own. When she was two she started talking about her another house, her real house. In Dhuliyaganj there was a big house, owned by Prakashsingh Chaturvedi, and every time she saw that, she claimed that it was her real house. At first her family didn’t believe what she told but after her continuous tantrums, they finally took her to that house. When she went there, she recalled  many stories about Prakashsingh’s family. Later it was found that Manju was Prakashsingh’s aunt, reborn again.

#3. Ryan found himself in a 1932 movie.

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Cyndi’s son Eyan had always been unhappy for not being able to meet his past life relatives and talked about them. Worried, Cyndi brought some books and movies to distract his mind and thought it would soothe his pain for a while. It was shocking how while watching a movie named ‘Night After Night’ Ryan asked his mother to pause. He kept screaming that he had found himself. He pointed at one actor and told that it was the old him. Though the actor wasn’t identified, Ryan never stopped calling himself to be the boy in the movie.

#4. She Found her Parents from past life.

Manisha, born to Rampal and Khilli Devi, near Alwar in Rajasthan always told stories about her past life ever since she was born. She told how she had died out of typhoid and also the color of her school belt and tie from past birth. Her parents were puzzled as how could she know about that when she never went to school. She hated being called Manisha and told her parents to call her Suman. This story spread in the nearing villages and some of her relatives from past life came to know about this. They told this Chaudhary Kamal Singh who happened to be the father of Suman. When he came to visit Manisha, she hugged him tight and called him her real father. Today she is happy having found his own family and kamal’s family are grateful to god for getting back their little daughter.

#5. Reagan Told How She Died flying in her past life.

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When Reagan was two she told her mother that she has been into flying helicopters. She knew it was called helicopters even when no one told her. Whenever she saw helicopters, she always got excited. She told how fell off with the crashing helicopter with three men. Also she told that the doctors couldn’t save her due to too many injuries. Reagan tells stories about her past life and also her daughter named Emily. Sometimes she gets sad because she misses Emily. She was four when her father, from this birth, started working for a medical helicopter service. Seeing her love for helicopters, he took her to the helicopter and when she was asked to sit at the paramedic’s chair she said, ” I need my real chair” and went to the pilot’s seat, happily.

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