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Can the color of your urine say something about your health?

Our body is an amazing machine. Everything is made to function after a perfect patters and when something goes wrong, it does give us some signals. It is how doctors can tell if we are sick, of what disease we suffer and what can we do to make it right. But can the color of our urine say something as well? We all know that urine is waste and that it is yellow. Or is it? Let’s take a closer look at this matter and see if this is real. If so, it would be easier to tell if there is anything wrong with us.

#1       Clear means good

After all, it seems that urine can tell some things about your health state. And apparently, it is one of the oldest methods to check on one’s health. So the most desirable color is the colorless one. A clear and transparent urine means that you are very well-hydrated and that your kidneys work great. Keep up the good work!

#2        A light yellow hue

A light yellow hue
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Noticed that your urine has a slight yellow color? No need to get scared as it is only an indicator letting your know that you need to drink some more water. Perhaps you’ve been working out and sweating or just didn’t have time to drink the recommended amount of water. Just make sure you replenish your reserves and everything will be fine.

#3       An intense yellow or even honey-like color


First of all, urine with an intense yellow color must show that you immediately need to get some water, since you are slightly dehydrated. If the problem does not go away after enjoy plenty of water, then it may indicate a liver issue. Also, if the intense urine color is accompanied by yellow eye whites, then you may be facing a case of jaundice.

#4       Orange color

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 Orange color

Mostly, it is because of food coloring, in case you ate a lot of carrots or foods that have orange artificial colorings. It may be also if you take too much vitamin C. So reducing this vitamin’s intake and consumption of colored foods should solve the issue. But, if persists, it may indicate a bile duct problem.

#5       A brownish color

•A brownish color
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Again, some foods you ate might cause the change of your urine. But it case you did not changes in your diet or the problem does not disappear in a short while, it may also indicate some serious issues. Liver conditions, like hepatitis, can be the cause for this.

#6       Green or even bluish

 Green or even bluish

As awkward as this might be, green or blue urine may occur sometimes. Mainly it is because food coloring or certain medication. But there are also some bacteria that may dwell in the urinary tract and change its color to these weird shades. If you also experience a discomfort while urinating, then probably you got a urinary tract infection and you will need some medical attention.

#7        Red color

Red color

Again, since urine is rather receptive to any coloring of the food we ate, red fruits or vegetables, like rhubarb or berries, can turn our urine into a pinkish or reddish color. But this should pass immediately. If persists, it could be a sign of blood in your urine, which indicates an infection in the urinary tract of kidney issue. Tumors, problems of the prostate can also be indicated by this color. And in some cases, it may even show a mercury poisoning. So seeing your doctor is a must in all of these cases.

#8       Purple

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Just kidding! There is no such thing as purple urine. Or it hasn’t occurred yet.

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