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Each cigarette smokes takes 5 to 11 minutes off of the smoker’s life span

Though a lot of people consider the smoking of cigarette as one of the style factor but the harmful effects that it cause is numerous. The hazardous effects of cigarette are the main news now days and the people getting affected by this are also more. The main thing that affects the person is the nicotine that is present in it. The harmful effect starts from the top of the body and ends till the bottom. A regular cigarette smoker is prone to various types of cancers and other lungs and heart diseases. Starting from the oxygen reduction effect and ending till the life taking effect of the person, one can get all kinds of harmful diseases through this.

The basic thing that the cigarette does is that it decreases the level of oxygen in the blood to a great extent such that the person will find hard to breathe. Secondly the arteries and veins present in our body get much narrower so that it will be difficult for the blood to reach the various parts of the body which may result in the damage of that part. Blood pressure is another important aspect that is affected by this cigarette. When the nicotine enters into the blood, the pressure of the blood rises to a great level such that one finds harder to travel long distances or higher heights and has a lot of problem in the intake of air in normal situations also. Each cigarette when is used by a person produces about thousands of acids or chemicals and among these thousand about a hundred or two hundred are most harmful and extremely poisonous which can affect the body of a person to a great extent. Thus it has been rightly said that every cigarette that a smoker smokes eliminates some time of his life and increases the possibility of early death.

Each cigarette smokes takes 5 to 11 minutes off of the smoker's life span

Basically the effect that a cigarette does is not limited to a single person only. It has been observed that the people who stay around the smokers are also affected by it. Experimental results have been shown that a person takes in the air of smoke released by smoker somewhat makes himself or herself vulnerable to some minor diseases. Though the effects are less than that of a smoker however prolonged intake for every day may result in the same harmful effects as that of a smoker. So it is advised to the non-smoking people to stay away from the regular smokers as much possible.

For the smokers who want to get rid of their smoking habits there are rehabilitation centers that help the people in getting rid of the cigarette. For regular smokers, the process of getting rid might be a little bit rough but the after effects of the procedure is awesome and one can get some nice benefits from it and help himself get a longer life span without any problems and hindrances. So make the right decision and get a long and happy life.

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